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CKE Is your one-stop destination for everything Art and Creativity. We are a family of five and we are constantly thriving to help grow our kids creativity .

creativity is limitless and Our focus is to encourage this in kids by providing a plethora of resources tools ,kits and guides. We understand family needs and we know each family is unique this is why we have gathered our most effective resources to best suit your aim.


  • How long will my order take?

Once you obtain your creative kids voucher and use it to checkout on our website, it might take up to 5 working days for Service NSW to confirm your voucher.  Once completed we will endeavor to send your creative kit FREE of charge to your preferred Delivery address within 3-5 business days. We use Australia Post and we will provide you with a tracking number to check progress of your delivery. We do have occasional promotional next business day delivery  so keep an eye out Artists of our future !


  • How to obtain updates from our team?

Your kids will find our activities fun and engaging, this is why we are continuously working on various ways we can provide to you and bring joy to your child. Subscribe to our mailing list and follow our social media platforms.


  • What’s provided in our kits?

Our kits have been carefully selected to assist kids find their passion and develop new skills. Our kits will include the product of your choice and we will provide you with the relevant lesson plan that can turn your Artwork into a masterpiece.


  • How can our team help you?

Our team has been trained to understand each product function and how children can in turn use the products to create works of art or activities to suit each kid and its outcome. We have our consultants with extensive experience that can answer any queries you may relating to our kits so please get in contact with us on our support email -


  • In case you forget to add your voucher at checkout ?

That’s not a problem at all! Get in contact with us. Send an email with :

Child's full name,

Child's date of birth,

Creative Kids voucher number.

One of our friendly team members will process it manually and we will advise you once it has been completed.


  • How to apply for a voucher?

Follow the link to Service NSW to apply -

And see our easy steps below!

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